Branding and marketing for your business are important. Both speak volumes about your brand. These packages were created to help improve your online and offline presence. Let's work together to create effective and professional branding and marketing materials for your business!

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The Content Boss is a social media package that is perfect for brands who are looking to improve their online presence. Time to take your social media account from off brand and unappealing to professional, eye-catching, and on-brand. 


This package includes:

  • Social media audit

  • 3 flyers 

  • 4 Instagram story message boards 

  • 5 Instagram highlight covers 

  • 15 social media custom content/templates 

  • 30 content ideas for you to create valuable social media content to post. 

  • Instagram Bio optimization 

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Marketing for your business is crucial. Your marketing speaks volumes about your brand! If you don't invest in good marketing, your business won't grow or reach your target audience. Let's create effective and unique marketing materials for your brand. 


This package includes:

  • 4  E-flyers 

  • 9 or 15 custom social media content/templates

  • 5 Instagram story message boards 

  • Add on: 1 Email Marketing Template 

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This package is perfect for the brands who want a fresh and on-brand look for their Instagram business page. 

This package includes:

  • 6 custom social content/templates 

  • 6 Instagram highlight covers 

  • 3 IG Story message boards

  • 1 E-flyer 

  • Instagram bio optimization