About Me

The Face Behind The Brand

Jonae (Juh-Nay) Bond is a 22-year-old woman born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Jonae has always had a passion for design, branding, and helping others.

Jonae graduated Summa Cum Laude (4.0 GPA) from Xavier University of Louisiana with an Honors degree in Marketing Communication.

She has a strong background in many different areas of business and design. Jonae has the following roles: brand designer, web designer, printer, content creator, photographer, social media manager, and brand strategist. 


Graphics By Jonae's mission is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs build brands with effective brand strategy and design.

Since Graphics By Jonae launched in October 2020, Jonae has worked with over 350+ clients from 5 different countries.


When Jonae is not working, she is travelling, listening to music, and taking photos (portrait and product photography).